Friday, April 8, 2016

Well here he is.. Baby #3 Krew Daniel aka Little Dano.
He for sure has brought some smiles to all of our faces..

He has some amazing Godparents that just love him like crazy.

This little man has been amazing as a big brother.. I was truly worried about him because he has been the baby for 7 years so I was worried he would be majorly jealous, but to my surprise he has really stepped up and hasn't shown any signs of jealousy.

And this stud... He wasn't too thrilled to have another little bro, but WOW is all I can say.. When daddy was in North Dakota he would step up for sure.. Changing diapers, dressing and feeding/burping.. He is a booger and has the pre-teen attitude, but still WOW.. Kaden Jack you are amazing and I love you.

Mommy and her three babies.. Can't believe in September I will have a 13, 8 and 1 year old..

Those eyes.. Such a cutie pie..

He is such a cutie-patootie.. Even with those missing teeth.. Silly boy.  Love his spunk self.

This boy and his dimples.. Trouble is coming I can feel it.

This auntie sure loves her nieces and nephews.. Can't believe her baby is going to 15 in October.. 
And she makes his amazing stuff..  She also redid his crib and changing table..

This three truly hold my heart in each of there hands.. They are all so different and sweet.. They can make me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time..  They do special things every day to make this momma proud.. Kaden Jack, Koby Hank and Krew Daniel you mean the world to me..

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Well baby #3 will be here soon!! Can't believe it..  Love this sweet moment the photographer caught between me and my current baby who is 7.. Wow has time flown by,

 I love how this pic turned out.  Love the smiles on the boys faces.. So precious.

This pregnancy has been so hard.  For sure would never ever want to do it again.. After a 33 pound weight loss and still not to my original pre-pregnancy weight and 3 feeding tubes and a picc line.. This little dude better be my angel baby,, He already is though.. For sure God's little miracle after all I've been through.

And then there's this stud, dimples and all.  Can't believe my first baby is almost 12.  He can be such a good help despite the pre-teen attitude that I would like to beat him with.  He is doing pretty good in school especially for his 6th grade year being like Jr High,, He has 8 classes and is enjoying school.  He does make me proud and can be a major help especially when dad is in North Dakota,

This boy!!  Such a cheeser.. Love it.. He makes me smile and has such a tender heart.  I can't believe that he's in 1st grade.. We've had some struggles there, but I hope we have things figured out.  He can be such a help.. Tonight I was folding laundry and he offered to help.. Then he took all his clothes down to his room for me.

I totally love this man and all he does for his family.. He is truly my best friend.  Times can get hard, but he always does his best for us..  I love the smile on his face here.  This was for sure a fun way to get some new family pics which were way overdue and then to celebrate our newest addition to the family..  

Krew Daniel Mahoskey we can't wait to meet you..  We are all excited to see what you will look like and to hold you in our arms..  Mommy, Daddy and Big Brothers love you so much already..

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

 I can't believe my baby is going into Kindergarten.. He starts next Wed. 8/27/14.. I have to work and Jeremy will be back in North Dakota.. I'll be relying on my wonderful daycare to get him there.. He will probably love it, but I'll be bawling.. It's going to be a hard day for me!! 

These pics were done by Brooke Hamblin Photography.. She did a 30 minute session, but he did so good.. All smiles even when he yawned.. It was a fun time.

WOW!! Makes me tear up just looking at how big this little man of mine is...
Have a blast buddy!! Mrs. Smith is an amazing teacher and Kindergarten is going to be fun!!

This pic was from our Mexico Mission Trip.. This little boy was so cute.. My mom kept trying to hold it, but he wasn't having it.. Kaden walked up to him and he went right to him.. It was the funniest thing..

This was a pic from the Mexico Mission Trip as well.. The guy in the middle was our hero and one of the hardest working guys I've ever seen.. He never complained once.. We don't know hard work.. These people live and breathe hard work.  It's truly amazing..

Kaden.... Where did the time go?  I can't believe you will be going into 5th grade.  It's so crazy.  It feels like you were born yesterday.  You are a true stud and watch out for the ladies because those dimples will attract them all.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kaden you are such a handsome young man... Love the smile it can totally melt my heart..

Kobster... Those blue eyes just make life a little brighter.. Thanks for all the joy you bring to our family!!!

Love this pic.. Just me and my babies.. Can't believe they are 10 and 5.. It seems like just yesterday they were both tiny little babies.. Wow, just WOW!!!

This is such a fun pic.. Sorry your all looking at our booties!!!

I love my family more than words can say.. Our motto is Forever, For Always and No Matter What.. Thanks Papa Neal for the sign that has turned into our Motto.. May you rest in peace.. We miss you always..

Sorry for another behind shot.. But it just looks so good!!!

Daddy and his boys.. These three are sure amazing even though they can be a little rough around the edges.. They are so handsome and caring.. And I'm so thankful that God gave me each and every one..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These boys are sure cute!!! Love them so much even when they make me crazy!! They are my reason for going and doing my best!! They always make life an adventure.

This is last years pic.. An oldie, but a goodie!! Love this man with all my heart.. He truly sacrifices for his family and keeps us all going.. He is making things happen for our family.. He is truly a hero of mine..

Our Family!!! Crazy as ever!! Love that we can be goofy together.. Sure does make things fun!!!
We just had new family pics taken on Sunday and I can't wait to sure them with everyone.. Delightful Images did amazing.. She made it so much fun..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012